The internship search can be a bit challenging yet a very rewarding and great learning experience. I began my internship search at the start of my junior year by first thinking about what industries and companies I was interested in pursuing. I went onto their company website and did some research on where they were located, what majors they were looking for, and what their opportunities included. I made sure to stop at their tables during the Fisher Fall/Spring Career Fair to ask any specific questions I had and receive their contact information. From there, I could begin to reach out to those companies and express my interest in their summer programs.

During this process, it is really important to stay organized with all of the information you are given. This will not only help you from getting confused as to which internship is which, but it will also help you narrow down your interests. Another crucial step is to show persistence in the opportunities that you truly want to pursue. It will stand out to recruiters if you continually follow up with them and display specific knowledge of their business and programs. Stay determined, be yourself, and show that you’re what they’ve been looking for in their company!

- Amy Stanowick, Senior, Finance Major

Quick Reminder:

Fisher Spring Internship Fair is on January 31st in the Ohio Union!


The Columbus Foundation





CMax is an innovative Human Resources Consulting and Recruiting firm with clients throughout Ohio.  We partner with our clients to source, retain and reward elite talent. Our clients place a premium on the continued development and engagement of their employees.  Identifying the right people and enabling those already on board is key to driving a culture of participation and productivity.

At CMax, our work focuses on key objectives related to HR compliance and administration, talent development and attraction and evaluation of talent. We study how a company’s employees support the organizational objectives, and implement innovative approaches that help our clients consistently reach their goals. 

We are currently seeking a talented, high-performing, and people-oriented Recruiting Intern to support the recruiting and talent services provided to clients.  This is a part-time position (15-20 hours per week).

The following are the key responsibilities and requirements for the position:
Primary Responsibilities:

Required Experience and Qualifications

Compensation and Benefits

Interested candidates should submit their resume to



GroupRaise is currently looking for anyone passionate about social change and solving marketing challenges. At GroupRaise, we help people raise funds for what they care about by doing what we do everyday, eating. We currently work with 2,000+ community-minded restaurants and thousands of amazing non-profits across the country to make our mission come true. Here is a link for more information and to apply for the marketing internship position.