Election Information

UBWA Executive Board Spring 2016 Election Structure


How the process works: We will start with electing a President. All candidates for President will give their speeches and will then step out in the hall while we vote. The candidates will come back in while votes are counted in the hall. We will then announce the winner. We will repeat the process for Senior Vice President. After those two positions are announced, we will listen to the speeches for the other 8 positions. All candidates for Secretary will speak, then the Treasurer candidates, and so on. There will not be voting in between. After candidates for those 8 positions have all had a chance to speak, you will vote on a paper ballot for those positions all at once. NOTE: Only paid members may vote. After the meeting, the graduating seniors will stay behind to count votes and the results will be announced via email the next morning.

Application link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1oj-8rUB4DSz9bWSnL-qYluS0A08qeWFPcmcodfYqdBQ/viewform

For your speech, you will have three minutes to talk about whatever you want (if you are running for president/VP you will have four minutes). We recommend some combination of the following topics:

These are all just suggestions, so make the speech your own! If you are running for two positions, you will only give one speech. However, your name will be listed on the ballot for both positions you are running for. Additionally, we will announce your name during speeches for the second position. For example, if you are running for Secretary and Treasurer, you will only give a speech for Secretary. During the Treasurer round of speeches, we will announce your name and maybe have you stand up for a second to remind everyone who you are. When we count the votes, the candidate with the highest number of votes will be the winner. The exception is that if a person wins both positions they run for. In that case, they will be given their first choice (as indicated on your application) and the runner up for the other position will be the winner.


Please let me know if you have any questions about elections, exec board, or positions! Also feel free to reach out to the current person in the roles you're interested in to ask questions and learn more. Do not worry about who from this year's board is graduating and what current exec girls you may be running against. Current exec board members have to be elected, just like everyone else, and they are not guaranteed a position on next year's team. Besides, many current exec girls may choose to change what position they are running for this year. Run for what you're passionate about, and where you think you can make a difference!




1.     Please plan to strictly follow the time guidelines for your speech (We will allow 3 minutes for all positions, except President and VP that will have 4 minutes). Due to the number of speeches that we will need to get through, we will be timing the speeches and cutting them off if they begin to exceed time limits.

2.     You may run for two positions. In your application you will indicate which position is your first choice and which position is your second choice. If you run for two positions, you will only give a speech for the first position we go through. However, we will remind the membership that you are also running for the second position when we get to it.  For example, if you run for VP of Corporate Relations and VP of Member Relations, and we do the VP of Corporate Relations speeches first, you will only give a speech then. When we do speeches for VP of Member Relations, you will not give your speech again, but we will put your name on the ballot and the PowerPoint slide. The purpose of indicating preference is if you are elected to both positions, you will be given your first choice.

3.     If you are running for President or Vice President, you may run for one additional normal executive position on top of running for one or both of those positions. If you are running for President and Vice President, you will only give a speech for President. If you are not elected President, your name will be included in the Vice Presidential ballot, if you would like it to be. NOTE: If you do not win the Presidential election, you are not required to run for Vice President. If you are then not elected for Vice President, you will have the opportunity to give a second full speech and run for one additional executive position.

4.     Please contact the current officers in the positions you are interested in to discuss those roles. Although this is not a requirement to run, it is highly recommended so that you can get a better idea of the requirements, responsibilities, challenges, etc. of the positions, as well as ask questions about what it is like to be on exec board in general. Emails for the current officers are attached in the position descriptions below. We would all be more than happy to talk about our positions with you!

5.     With the exceptions of President and Senior Vice President, all positions are open to the current membership. The positions of President and Senior Vice President must be filled by current exec board members. All other positions are open, and current exec board members are NOT guaranteed a position on the exec board. They must run for positions just like everyone else, so do not be afraid to run against an incumbent!

6.     You must be a paid UBWA member in order to vote and run in the elections.

7.     Please reach out to President Elyssa Helker directly with any questions regarding elections at ubwapresident@gmail.com.





Requirements to Run

Please contact Elyssa at ubwapresident@gmail.com with any questions


Vice President


Requirements to Run:

Please contact Christi at kehres.35@osu.edu with any questions




Please contact Faith at Constance.3@osu.edu with any questions


VP of Alumni Relations


Please contact Elyssa at ubwapresident@gmail.com with any questions


VP of Community Service


Please contact Elizabeth at dudek.24@osu.edu with any questions


VP of Programming


Please contact Monica at bhat.48@osu.edu with any questions


VP of Member Relations


Please contact Hannah at cedargren.2@osu.edu with any questions


VP of Professional Development


Please contact Jess at sanders.530@osu.edu with any questions


VP of Marketing


Please contact Hannah at Williams.4970@osu.edu with any questions


 VP of Corporate Relations


Please contact Ashton/Elyssa at preston.226@osu.edu/ubwapresident@gmail.com with any questions